How did our story begin?

Our story began out of love for babies and moms

Being also women, pregnant women and mothers (because, yes, we are a team of women at the moment) we thought that all women who go through this beautiful experience should benefit from products created especially for them or their puppies, to ease them throughout this transition period. (we produce textiles for babies, pregnant women and mothers, but also for home and family).

We will be here with you, willing to make your journey through motherhood more beautiful.
Right now we are at the beginning of the road. We are enthusiastically and eagerly arranging the hall so that later we can start the production and thus be with you and your little ones.

We chose to have our own production to make something different, high quality with fine embroidery.

We want to "grow" together, and to only manufacture in Romania, using the best equipment on the market, quality textiles for you and your baby.

Our factory is bright and colorful. We want a relaxing and creative environment. We encourage the return of mothers to work and we care about their relationship with the little ones.

We will keep you updated with every news!

The Baby Star collection - Textile products out of natural fibers

The first collection of baby textiles from Babyen, the Baby Star collection, is here! Made exclusively with Romanian textile products, out of natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo, eucalyptus and coconut.

Babyen produces high quality textiles for babies, while also offering an unmistakable style for the little ones!

Here are some products from the Baby Star collection:

  • Towel with hood for 100% cotton boy 700 gr

  • Double baby blankets

  • Wrapping blankets

  • Anti-colic belt with cherry seeds

  • Baby sleeping bags

  • Cotton and velvet baby nest

  • Crib linen 7-piece two-sided 100% cotton with lace or print, with defenders

Babyen is happy to produce baby textiles from high quality, comfortable and safe materials!

We want to win the trust of our customers through the materials we use, the quality of the cut and the funny design of the products. Therefore, we encourage customers to send us their feedback after each order, so that we can continue with what we do well and improve the aspects reported by buyers. We hope we aroused your curiosity! So we let you discover the rest of the collection on!

Baby textiles - What to choose?

Nowadays, textiles exist in a dizzying variety around us! And when it comes to the type of fabric and fiber from which they are made, the choice is only yours to make.

So mommies, this article is for you, because we know you want the best for your baby!

Made out of love for children and babies, the Babyen brand creates textiles from high quality materials for the safety and comfort of your little one. We only makes products for children and babies from 100% natural cotton, lyocell, muslin, bamboo fiber:


Cotton is 100% natural and due to this property is not allergenic. The products made from it are soft and do not irritate the sensitive skin of babies. The fabric can withstand high temperatures without affecting its quality or durability. Therefore, cotton fabrics can be sterilized, making them perfect for newborns.


It is made from eucalyptus wood pulp. Obviously, lyocell is a new generation product, hypoallergenic and ecological fibers, whose production does not harm nature and the environment. The similarity with cotton, satin and silk depends on the characteristics of the raw materials. The result is a very light, soft and silky fabric.

It combines the best properties of natural and artificial raw materials.


Muslin is a natural, breathable, soft textile made of cotton. It is woven aerated, allowing heat to be released and fresh air to enter, so that the baby feels calm and comfortable.

Babyen creates safe, useful and quality textile collections for you and your baby!

  • Liners (both for the little ones and for the big ones): made of 100% cotton. They are safe for babies, do not contain small or hard parts.

  • Baby nests: children need sleep to grow, gain energy and feel good. That's why creating a safe sleeping environment is the best thing you can do for your baby.

    Thanks to the sewn lace, you can adjust the size of the nest to the size of the baby. The tighter the lace, the smaller the nest.
  • Side protection for the crib: they have an easy fastening system and a rigid structure to support their shape and to protect the baby.


  • Cotton panties: do not restrict the baby's movements, are pleasant to the touch, work well as shorts.

  • Functional wrapping blankets: the baby's wrapping can mimic the security provided by the intrauterine environment, which the baby keeps in memory.

Join now and choose the next Babyen products for your little one!