Our story began out of love for babies and moms

Being also women, pregnant women and mothers (because, yes, we are a team of women at the moment) we thought that all women who go through this beautiful experience should benefit from products created especially for them or their puppies, to ease them throughout this transition period. (we produce textiles for babies, pregnant women and mothers, but also for home and family).

We will be here with you, willing to make your journey through motherhood more beautiful.
Right now we are at the beginning of the road. We are enthusiastically and eagerly arranging the hall so that later we can start the production and thus be with you and your little ones.

We chose to have our own production to make something different, high quality with fine embroidery.

We want to “grow” together, and to only manufacture in Romania, using the best equipment on the market, quality textiles for you and your baby.

Our factory is bright and colorful. We want a relaxing and creative environment. We encourage the return of mothers to work and we care about their relationship with the little ones.

We will keep you updated with every news!